06 July 2019

Lovely to make it to one of our favourite Pub's today, it's been a while and it's was terrific seeing the magical Handwork on the go...

 Now just what was Selina up today!

 Wow!  What an amazing quilt this going to be Sel!  Very clever calculating the templates for each numbered block... I'm impressed, very impressed... stay tuned everybody!

Liz does the most amazing embroidery doesn't she, this piece has been going for a while now and was left in the cupboard for a while but she's back to work now.

 Lynne  knitting another jumper for Liz, lucky Liz!

Check out the shoes Lynne was wearing today, they are actually the same colour but the camera didn't see that somehow.
 Liz's jumper.
 Lynne was working on this square below for 'Wrapped with Love' for a grandchild to donate.

I'm using up all those little left over scraps of wool and knitting these little Baby Sunshine Dolls for Hornsby Hospital... more in our 'Show and Tell'
 I didn't bring enough wool today so below is all I got done.

 Irene is knitting a jumper for her Grand Dog!

Joy was working on her beautiful reverse applique, looking forward to seeing this finished.

Wow!  I love your hexies Emma, love the fussy cutting!

Heather always has some beautiful and very interesting applique on the go!   Love it.

Robyn's terrific Hexagons, looking great Robyn.

Cath starting to cut out a new project, hope we see some more next time Cath,

Fiona binding, binding, binding her quilt.

Ann was working on this stunning applique.

Love this pattern Steph was knitting, she said it was easy... but??  sounded quite complicated!  I must give it a go myself.

Food Glorious Food, Hot Sausage and Mustard... I wonder which dish was the favourite today!

 Salt & Pepper Squid (gf) w/ Lime and Herb Aioli

 Lemon & Herb Chicken Skewers w/ Garlic Sauce and Pita Bread

 Pizza - Vegetarian (v) Tomato Base, Onion, Capsicum, Mushrooms, Artichokes, Olives, Basil, Mozzarella (I think)

 Rich Italian Style Meatballs In Tomato & Basil Sauce w/ Grana Padana & Garlic Bread
Chicken Caesar Salad - Chicken, Cos Lettuce, Bacon, Parmesan, Egg, Croutons & House Made Dressing

 Salt & Pepper Squid (gf) w/ Lime and Herb Aioli

 Lemon & Herb Chicken Skewers w/ Garlic Sauce and Pita Bread

 Sundried Tomato Arancini (v) w/ Truffle Aioli  - And -  Rich Italian Style Meatballs In Tomato & Basil Sauce w/ Grana Padana & Garlic Bread (leftovers were taken home for tomorrow's lunch)

 Sausages, Mash, Peas and Onion Sauce.

 Cheese Burger - Angus Beef Pattie, Double Cheese, Fried Onions, Pickles, American Mustard & Ketchup (I think)

 BGH Angus Beef Burger - Lettuce, Tomato, Beetroot, Pickles, Cheese & House Sauce (I think)

Pizza -  Margherita (v) Tomato Base, Mozzarella, Bocconcini, Basil (I think)

Salt & Pepper Squid (gf) w/ Lime and Herb Aioli

Lots of lovely SCQuilty friends to sit sew and chat with at the Blue Gum Hotel today.

 Irene and Joy were there...

... so was Liz and Lynne.

 Emma and Marilyn were there...

 ... so were Stephanie, Ann and Fiona.

 Cath, Robyn and Heather were there...

... as were Selina and Me... Penniedarling... I was there for the first time in months  Yay!!

Check out all this beautiful Show and Tell!!!!! Very impressive.

 Stephanie can hardly believe that she Won this beautiful quilt at the Sydney Quilt Show last week... absolutely stunning it is with a beautiful story to go with it... Wow!!
 The Label above and below the book with all the block patterns.

Here are the little dolls I knit using leftover bits of wool's of all sorts for the Gift Shop at Hornsby Hospital.
 Below the Quilt I used in a FB Invitation a while ago... two pieces of fabric using reverse applique, made in 2002 for a challenge.

Lovely Hexagon quilt made by Emma.

 Love the use of these solid fabrics in Selina's quilt which she showed at the recent Sydney Quilt Show.
Wow!  Check out this quilting!
Another beauty made by Selina, also hung at the Quilt Show recently.

On NO... there was a person wearing a 'Hoodie' at the Pub today... I wonder who that was?
 The bottom row says...  'I will quilt here or there, I will quilt everywhere.'

Beautiful crochet bag made by Lynne.
... and below a beautiful and different Hexi Quilt Lynne has made for her friend Emma, see label below.

 Fiona's lovely heart quilt made to remember her Mother and Father.

These photos below are from a Blue Gum Gathering I missed a couple of months ago, I missed last months gathering as well...   Thanks Heather, Enjoy.
 This is the absolutely stunning quilt that won Heather a First at the Royal Easter Show... not surprised, we have been enjoying watching the progress of these blocks for a few months.  Well Done Heather, well deserved.

 Rita made these two quilts for Wedding presents.

Check out this beautiful stitchery done by Rita's Mum... just lovely.