07 December 2013

It was Christmas Party Time for SCQuilters at the Blue Gum Pub today, why do I always go home with a slight headache after a day with these lovely, gentle quilters... because they laugh the loudest and the longest of any of my other friends, that's why!! Always a great day, thanks everyone, have a very Happy Christmas break and lets do it all again next year!

 Today was time for the Revelations of the Blue Gum Challenge for 2013!  
At the beginning of each of nine months, we were given a new step for our challenge...  
See if you can spot all the Steps in each of our work.
Step One - Applique
Step Two - Diamonds
Step Three - Paper Piecing
Step Four - Same Colour
Step Five - Stripes
Step Six - Curves
Step Seven - Triangles
Step Eight - Hexagons
Step Nine - Whatever you like to finish off your Challenge.

Christine has done a stunning job of some of her William Morris fabrics.

 So fresh and beautiful by Glynis!

 Joy has done one block at a time with a great result!

 We've been watching this wonderful little quilt grow each month, you could sit and look and look at it for ages!  Wonderful masterpiece Liz!

 Another little beauty made by Lynne... very nice!

 Ruth hadn't quite finished her blocks but Wow!!  Just look at the ones she has finished!

 Now... speaking of 'clever'... as I was... just look at what Marilyn has made!   Marilyn didn't start the Challenge until September, most of us started in February!  That's clever on its own, but...

... I have to tell you just how very clever 'my friend' Marilyn is,  almost all of this quilt is made from blocks left over from other projects, there are some left overs from one or two of Bonnie K Hunters Mysteries as well as other wonderful projects!    HOW CLEVER IS OUR MARILYN!!

Marilyn may be the cleverest but I had the most fun!  With a little help from my friend Mavis.

Here are my Nine Steps starting with the last step then from Step 1 to 8...

 I needed a few extra hands to show all my Babushkas.

 My friend Mavis, is not a Quilter she is a Prize Winning Artist and she kindly painted all the little faces onto fabric for me.

So who braved the Christmas Traffic to make it to the Blue Gum today...

 There was Becky and Ruth in all their Soft Focus Glory!

 Christine from Bathurst and Jean.

 Christine from, around the corner, and Irene.

 Claire and Jenn.

 Emma and Jill.

 Glynis and Joy.

 Heather called in briefly but she had a more important commitment.

 Erica with some strange person...

 Liz and Pennie having a 'love in'  :-)

 Kerry, Marianne and Gillian.

 Marilyn and Jan.

 Munaiba and Cath.

Stephanie and Annette.

Sorry I missed you Selina!!

Gift Giving Time... For years and years now we give a Recycled Gift, some gifts keep coming back and back and people dread receiving the Golden Galleon but this year there was a contender for worst gift... and that was the Pencil Sharpener Cat :-) So much fun and sooooo much laughter, I wish I could put it all onto a movie for you to watch!

 Becky is overwhelmed by the number of gifts in the gift she chose...
 ... actually 'overwhelmed' is an understatement!  She was Hysterical!!  :-)

 Christine Smith was very happy with her recycled sewing items.

 Christine Colley was also very happy with her gift.

 ... as was Emma.

 Erica was also impressed.

 Gillian was loving hers as well

 This one is for Heather who had to leave early...

 Jan wasn't sure what to do with her candle holders.

 Jean got the Cat!!  she wasn't too sure what to do with it... but Gillian loves it  :-)

 Jean was very happy with her other gifts.

 I wonder if we will see this back next year??  Joy was still trying to work out what it actually was last I saw her.

 Lynne is delighted with her Templates!

 Marianne looks all smiles and happiness but... I wonder if these will be back next year!

 Aaahhh... we've seen this lot before now... I wonder if it will be back next year!

We were almost at the end of the gifts when Annie came up, she ummed and aaahhhhed... and aaaahhhed and ummmmed till eventually she chose a box.

 On opening the said box she discovered a wonderful array of very exciting and lovely gifts... but lying on the bottom of the box was....

The much dreaded Golden Galleon!!

Annie thought she was safe till she got to the end of her presents!
I know we'll be seeing this back next year  :-)

 Munaiba is loving the Random Harvest... but when the label on the box on the left says... 'Throw some tea in your Trousers!'  one has to suspect this little man will be seen again  LOL
 You see... you take his pants off and put some tea leaves in them, put the pants back on and put the little man on the edge of your cup and pour in boiling water... ouch!

Stephanie was liking her gift very much... I have one of those Babushka Sewing kits!  Of course I do....

So lastly but hardly leastly... the wonderful Show and Tell!

 A lovely little Crochet rug by Annette.

 Little girl quilt by Cath.

 A very bright star quilt made by Cath.

 Emma made this girly quilt for herself  :-)

 Emma also made a couple of Christmas Runners... #1.

 #2 from Emma.
 And the back of #2.

 Gillian makes her daughters a Christmas Decoration each year, this is for the daughter who has moved into a new home. 

 This quilt was requested from one of Irene's friends, she likes the neutral tones, lovely isn't it.

 Jean made this complicated looking quilt with Brenda Gael Smith.

 Another beauty from Jean.

 It took Jenn a couple years to finish this quilt for her sister, the block is quite complicated but I saw her cutting out fabrics for a mini version of this one... lets hope we see more if it in the new year.

 Lynne started this quilt when she was in Hospital a while ago, she thanks Marianne for the inspiration to sew while recuperating :-)

 Marianne's stunning little quilt, which had a lovely story to it but....  I don't think I could do it justice in the retelling, you will have to ask her yourself  :-)

 Munaiba gave this rather dull skirt a wonderful jazz up!  it looks much better in real life than it does in this photo, it's rather lovely isn't it.

 Another stunner by Munaiba!

 I just want to snuggle under this lovely warm and welcoming crochet rug... don't you!  Love it Ruth.

Selina is another who comes up with stunners!  I love this one as well.
P.S.  I can see bare feet :-)