22 June 2011

Here we are... in the Northside Magazine.

If you would like to read the whole article go to... Northside Magazine 

I know we aren't a knitting group, I don't even think anyone was knitting on the day.

14 June 2011

A funny thing happened at the Blue Gum today.

 Meet Kerrie Davis and Yie Sandison who came from one of our local Magazines called 'Northside'  check it out, there is a beaut article by Kerrie about a couple of Sisters on Page 10. 

Kerrie asked lots of questions, while Yie took lots of photos and hopefully we will see the article in next weeks magazine.  What a fun day it was, lots of chat, laughs and terrific food but boy oh boy how wet can it be in one day! 

We enjoyed some Show and Tell as well.  Here is Glynis' flower quilt, very Wow isn't it.

Lynne whipped this little beauty up this morning after hearing of the birth of a friends daughter, she's going to embroider in the white squares.

Stephanie collected selvedges to make this hand bag.

Stephanie's version of the Candied Hexagons, I love the Prairie Points on the corners.

Glynis has her quilt in Quiltmaker Magazine, here is the same pattern in different colours.

Fabulous Scrappy quilt made by Marilyn, I am very much into Scrappy quilts myself, it's a great way to dilute the Stash!

Jean's flannel is very warming isn't it.

Gillian has been knitting, here is Beanie #4  wonderful little bag keeps her wool nice and tidy.

Lyn finished off this cheery hat for one of her grand children.

Stephanie's Poppies quilt which will hang in her new home.

I was careful today enjoying a smaller lunch so I'd have room for this... Belgium Waffle, Hokey Pokey Ice Cream and Turkish Pashmak... oh yes it was good :-)

04 June 2011

Little problem at the Blue Gum today...

Our private room, that we don't pay for, had 25 paying customers today so we usually get moved to a bigger room nearby... but 45 paying customers booked that room... so we had to sit in the main bar which caused problems for Lissa who came all the way from the Newscastle area with her 15 year old daughter, children aren't allowed in the main bar of course.  Sorry Lissa.

Everything was fine from 10am to about 1pm when our area started filling up with punters and the horse racing was turned up... slowly we departed but not before I became a little hoarse trying to talk over the commentators  :-)

Lovely day though, always good sitting and sewing and chatting and laughing and catching up with friends... and the food was delicious as per usual!

 Penny and Gillian

 Marilyn and Jean

 Well of course... you all knew this already didn't you  :-)) 

 Lyn A. is teaching her grand daughters to make quilts... pretty good for beginners don't you think :-)

 Kyishia came along for the first time today, from Atlanta... well not today but Kyishia is from Atlanta and joined us while basting a few hexagons.

 Another of Liz's blocks which will be added to the ones we saw last month.

I just love this block of Sue's, she says there are many more to come, I look forward to seeing them.
 Becky has made this little quilt for a baby.

 Which came first, the jumper or the quilt?  Brenda tells us it was the jumper by a long way.   This quilt is called Spice and another of her 'twelve by twelve' colour challenge, last months challenge was the Chartreuse...

 Claire and Erica.

 Erica has hand pieced this quilt... Wow!  it's going to be queen size so she has a lot more hand work to do.

 Gillian is knitting beanies for winter.
 Gillian's tape measure.

 Heather has started putting these blocks together... it's great bright quilt isn't it.

Kate's Purple and Lime quilt, Kate doesn't really like these colours but they do look terrific together don't they.

We haven't seen Jackie for a while, I'm waiting for a photo of her sewing room at work! Yes you read correctly... stay tuned!

Here it is, the photo of Jackie's sewing room at her place of work.  Jackie works in the City and in her lunch break and spare time makes quilts along with some of the others there, some of the quilts are for employees who need a little TLC.  Isn't this a brilliant idea!  Wonderful space, lots of light and what a wonderful and productive way to unite your fellow workmates :-)  Thanks for the photo Jackie.
 Jackie travels about one hour to work in the city each day, by bus, she sits back and stitches there and back hence all these wonderful blocks. 

Well there is no doubt about it... Kath won Show and Tell today... not that there is a Competition of course :-) The quilts below are all Kath's, she hasn't been able to come for a while but she's certainly been busy hasn't she.

 These are the same quilt just different colour choices.

 These Stack and Whack photos are all from the fabric in the top of the photo above.

 Fabulous result from a fabric I would have left on the shelf.

 This is Kath's machine embroidered Snakes and Ladders quilt.