22 August 2017

19 August, 2017

A relaxing day with 12 ladies at various times at Pennant Hills. Someone is hiding at the far end, we know who you are and Cheryl had already left to have lunch with her husband.

It can be a bit tricky to get a decent picture in this light, so this time we have 2!

The only show and tell this get together was Rita's. It's a special quilt made from some of her daughter's old tee shirts. The quilt was made for her daughter's dog in an attempt to stop a couple of good quilts being used as dog bedding. Good luck! I think you can guess her daughter's name!

06 August 2017

Five weeks is a long long long time for a Pub Day with SCQuilters but that's what it's been, five long weeks since we last got together!

Cath and Jackie, friends from way back.

Jackie and Emma, new friends.

Emma and Rita.

Pennie and Ann.

Heather and Annie.

Becky and Steph.

Cheryl - Lynne's DD, Lynne and Maureen.

Irene and Liz.

Jill, Glynis and Penny. 

Maureen and Robyn.

Handwork, Handwork and much more Handwork!! There were 21 of us at the Pub yesterday, I've got 28 photos and I know I missed some... so how did that happen.

 "NEWS FLASH"  Becky is knitting a tension square!  I have never met anyone who has done this, I've been knitting for 67 years and I've never knitted one of these...  dying to know how it went Becky, please let us know  :-)

 Stephanie's Shawl above and below a very clever little bag for holding your sets of Hexagons!
 Steph's Hexies below.

 Wool, Wool and yet more wool's in this great big bag of Annie's and below Annie's pretty little Crochet squares.

 Robyn usually has something stunning in the handwork line... not today though just Hexie's... but check out her lovely little sewing bag.

 Now... Ann is trying to finish this quilt which is called 'Cushia Purrfect Day Out'  see a finished quilt below... Ann is looking for the patterns for Row Two and Row Three... can anyone help please.

Maureen #1 is making borders here, using all sorts of fabrics from her stash.

 Heather has been busy the last few Pub days making borders for ???  something fantastic I'm sure.

 Look delicious don't they, these threads all in a row!

 $3 this bunting panel cost Rita... what a bargain!  Rita is making this bunting for a small child.

 Emma binding this lovely Tulip Quilt...

Talking of Tulips... Wow!  Emma this ring is just beautiful.

 Jackie's very delicate little Angel is underway.

I know this was made by Liz but it was Lynne who was showing it...  maybe she's stolen it???

 Lovely hand quilting being done by Maureen #2  (sorry I can't remember surnames and we were lucky to enjoy the company of two Maureen's at the Pub yesterday.)   You can see the whole quilt in the Show and Tell photos.

 Jill finishing the binding of a quilt part made by her DD Emma for a child's friend.

 Glynis was finishing off this quilt which is part hand quilted part machine quilted... you will see the whole quilt in the Show and Tell photos.

 Irene's lovely crochet rug is looking very good.

 Liz has a new project...  See it says LIZ, lovely stuff.
 I love this little sewing kit made by Liz, so many fascinating details.

 Bobbin's just bobbin along  :-)

 Cath's Hexagons are clever aren't they.

And... I was the only one knitting today, mostly sewers it was with a couple of Crocheters.

Food glorious food... It seems putting some foods on newspaper is now the 'trend'!

Steak, Roquette, Tomatoes, Aioli, Cheese & Capsicum Relish

CAESAR 16  w/ Cos Lettuce, Bacon, Parmesan Cheese, Croutons, Egg & House Made Dressing

RAVIOLI  22   Mushroom

Falafel, Lettuce, Tomato, Tabouli & Tahini Dressing

CHICKEN SCHNITZEL  22    Choice of two sides

BBQ Base, Ham, Pepperoni, Salami, Chorizo & Mozzarella

Angus Beef Pattie, Lettuce, Tomato, Beetroot, Bacon, Pickles, Cheese & House Sauce (cooked medium)

TACOS - SOFT TORTILLA - 3 for $12 | 5 for $15
Peri-Peri Chicken w/ Chipotle Mayo
Pulled Pork w/ Apple Slaw
Battered Fish w/ Shredded Iceberg & Tartare Sauce

Tomato Base, Capsicum, Mushroom, Onion, Basil & Mozzarella