15 September 2018

SCQuilters from North, South, East and West joined us for a happy and fun day at the Pennant Hills Pub.

All sorts of Handwork from Stitching to Applique to Crocket to Sewing to Knitting... everybody was busy making something at the Penno Pub.

 Maggies wonderful stitchery.

 Lisa W's wool stitchery.

 Lissa's crochet.

Lisa H's stitching.

 Irene's fringing.

 Maureen's stitching.

 Anne's applique.

 Michelle's Crochet... below is her pile of flowers so far and no she didn't do all these today 😃

 I started the bask of this jumper today and below even got onto the colour... and yes I did do all this today 😛

 Jenn had several projects underway today... above and below.

Selina's two totally different stars.

Penny's about to start her stitching 😉

Jill's Stitching.

Lynne's Stitchery.

Lunch Time!! Yummy, Yummy - we've all got full tummies!!

I think this is a Burger with a cherry on top?... or something like that sorry I've forgotten.  Maybe the 'owner' can tell me?

My favourite Duck Pancakes, I did a good job of my meal didn't I!

I know this is Sticky Squid Salad... and very popular it is too.

Sliders with Waffle chips are popular as well.

This is a different Burger to the first one...

I know this is pumpkin and it looks like Pomegranate sprinkled over.

Some totally different Shows and Tells today.

Maggie's scarf and below a few photos of the cutest Tea Cozy ever which was a gift from her friend Robyn, neither of them made this Cozy but Maggie needed to stick the little white scarf down today.

Selina's Mermaid Quilt all finished and looking terrific, the back below.

Jill's fabulous Star Hexagon quilt has been a work in progress for a few years, all finished and looking fantastic ... except for a little sun bleaching on the back... but don't tell anyone, they won't notice 😀   See, you can hardly tell can you.

Anne made the lovely little hand bag in a recent class and the flower on the left will be a key ring one day.

Beautiful scarf made by Lynne.

01 September 2018

Lots of fun and lots of wonderful handwork at the Blue Gum Pub today.

 Emma's making Christmas Bra's!             No she's not, she's making a Christmas Bunting!  Lovely.
Emma's work below as well.

You know things are desperate when I get out this old box of Hexies!!  I do have a couple of quilts on the go in the sewing room but this is all the handwork I could bring along today... you must find something more interesting next time Penniedarling!!

Penny is really enjoying fussy cutting her centre pieces for these blocks.
This one below is going to be interesting.

Just look at this beautiful stitchery Lynne was doing... and...
... Lynne tells me these are her favourite flowers, what a beautiful book mark!
... and finally... Lynne's sewing kit below.

Lizzie always has some wonderful stitchery underway.
This above is her Sampler and below her sewing kit.

Irene was crocheting another wrap for a charity... lovely!

Maureen was stitching these pinwheel blocks.

Heather was binding this little quilt that you will find a photo of under the 'Show and Tell'

Gosh... Becky and Stephanie have been busy!  Look at these shawls above and below Steph's jumper, plus she tells me shes about to make a ball gown for herself! 

Becky's pretty crochet blanket for one of her Grandchildren.
Wools awaiting their turn.