16 August 2009

Beautiful day at the Blue Gum.

These photos are courtesy of Marilyn as I wasn't able to go yesterday... here we have... from left to right... Sue, Marilyn, Lyn, Irene, not sure the next person it might be Irene's DD and her DD, then Glenys, Jill, Cath and in front Gillian.
Sue's pretty pink I Spy.

Gay Jenkins from Romsey, Hampshire sent me this photo for Show and Tell... she tells me it's a 'Fast Fat Quarter Quilt', but it wasn't all that fast :-) Gay will be arriving in Sydney on the 1st of November when we look forward to welcoming her back to her second home.

01 August 2009

We are Cyber Friends - I got all my SCQuilters with me - We are Cyber Friends - Come on ev'rybody and SEW!

Introducing... Lynette, Marilyn and Lyn.

Penny, Christine and Lyn.

Jean, Cate and Jill.

Erica (dreaming of a Swannies win tonight), Irene and Joy.

Di and Pennie.
Clare, Dianne and Becky.
Liz, Heather and Glynis.

Erica is a Cover Girl this month... hiding under her arm is a quilt ready for a project... you will have to stay tuned to see what it is.

Erica's Star Quilt.

Erica's perfectly mitred corner!
Becky Wright from Epping won Show and Tell today!
Check out this khaki coloured felted hat, much adored by her 18 year old son. See the very large brightly coloured beanie on it's right... that is about to become the same size as the khaki hat!
Becky's work today...

Becky's Spools.

Becky's beautiful stars that we watched grow and quilted with trepidation as time for it's hanging at her local quilt show approached with great speed... Lovely to see it all finished!
Heather Watts from Thornleigh does make the most interesting blocks... I love this one.
Glynis Thompson from Berowra is making a Jane Austen Quilt, she bought her bucket full of the little diamonds that go around the border... we just wanted to run our fingers through them and play!

There are many sides to Di Jobbins from Darling Point... there is the side we expect as in this beautiful quilt below...... then she produces this Zingy bright quilt...
And then there is the soft Pink Di that we all know :-) Wonderful and varied isn't she!

Jill O'Conner from Thornleigh made this quilt for her 18 year DD who loves Turtles and Frogs which she chose herself.
... and the back.
Penny Smith from Pymble has started hand quilting her Dolly quilt.
Lynette's Diamonds.

Christine Colley from Bathurst sold us tickets for the Raffle Quilt which is raising money for the next SCQuilters Retreat being held in Bathurst in May 2010... if you too would like some tickets just click on this link to their Blog.

Cate Grace from Cherrybrook... very bright quilt... isn't it wonderful!