08 January 2015

January, 2015

Glynis here, this month I'm standing in for Pennie who had a huge family gathering to attend to on the day. Pennie will be back next month, I hope!!

Sorry, this post is very picture heavy, I'm not sure how to split the pages yet!!

A beautiful day in Sydney for 23 Sydney Southern Cross Quilters lucky enough to be able to make it for our first get together of the year.

First Brenda and a giggling Jill

and then Heather and Selina

and Lissa and Lisa. Lisa is a very busy lady and we don't get to see her very often.

Next are Liz and Jen and Robyn

and Marilyn and Kate. Not sure what Kate finds so amusing, probably my photographic skills.

Then Rita and Munaiba

and Robyn and Erica. Lovely smiles there ladies.

Robyn again with Jean this time.

Shirley and Irene

and for very last Sharon, Maureen and Cath.

The handwork

Brenda was working on a binding.

I completed a pieced hexagon.

Heather is still working on her stitchery.

Irene's Winding Ways blocks

Jen was working on this colourful piece.

Jill was hand quilting.

Kate was cutting.

Lisa was hand stitching. She says that's a rare occurrence.

Lissa was working on her pieced circles.

Sharon was continuing stitching her circles to their background.

Liz has made some progress since last month with her stitching.

Maureen was stitching as well!

Shirley's lovely hexagons.

Munaiba was English Paper Piecing in these lovely bright colours

and one of our Robyn's was quilting a giraffe.