13 June 2008

Lindi Wins!!!

Not that it was a Competition!! But look at what Lindi did with the fabrics I sent her for matching the Quilters with their Handwork!! Here's what she says...

When my sister and I were children, my Grandmother used to make the most delicious drinks for us. One of our favourites was what she called a Lime Spider. She would put a scoop of ice cream in a tall glass and pour in lime cordial.

When I saw the fabric Pennie had sent me, I immediately noticed the piece with the little green spiders and their webs. I loved the fabric and it didn't take me long to remember the Lime Spiders Nana used to make.

07 June 2008

Lissa Morrow - Challenge #1.

Back in March I had a guessing competition for all you SCQuilters out there to match the 'SCQuilter with her Handwork'. You can see the photos if you scroll down.

The prize was fabric from my stash with a challenge to make something by June using at least one piece of each fabric adding as many other fabrics as you like.

Here is Lissa Morrow's challenge... isn't it fantastic, she groaned and moaned when she received the fabrics because 1930's are more her style but she says she's going to continue and make a bigger quilt.

Lindi has been excused due to parents needing attention but I'll put hers up as soon as I get a photo so be on the lookout.

I almost set another challenge today but didn't get around to taking the photos... too much chatting and laughing... I'll do it next month.

Pennie's Challenge #1.

Pennie's Challenge #1., originally uploaded by sydneyscquilters.

I thought I'd better do the Challenge along with Lissa and Lindi - to make them feel better you know - because when they entered the competition they didn't know they would be set a challenge... you just can't trust me can you. LOL
Anyway... since I saw Michelle Watters brilliant woven challenge last year I've wanted to do it myself so I bought a clover quarter inch bias maker and some quarter inch sticky stuff and had a go. I'm glad I've done it but I'll never do it again. Each of the nine centre squares are woven with the challenge fabrics and the coloured bought bias added.

Show and Tell for June 2008.

Lovely lot of Show and Tell once again...
1. Glynis - 'Colour Rhapsody' taught by
Brenda Gael Smith
2. Pennie Griffiths - Raggy.
3. Jan Jones - Perth 2008 Signature top... (we were very impressed at the speed she put this one together)
4. Ros Bickford - Quilt for a friend's birthday.
5. Penny Smith - Cushion finished.
6. Jill O'Connor - Top on way to quilters.
7. Erica Spinks - Can you see the lovely large blue quilt stitches.
8. Glynis - New range of fabrics which I've forgotten the name of... email me please.
9. Penny Smith - Little embroidery's from Canberra Retreat.

Now for something totally different.

We don't just gather at the Blue Gum to meet and greet fellow SCQuilters we Sew, Show, Chat, Laugh, Learn, Swap, Sip Cappuccino's or a glass of Wine... we eat as well!
On today's Menu we have...
1. Tandoori Chicken Pizza
2. Thai Beef Salad
3. Beer Battered Fish and Chips
4. The Blue Gum
5. Caesar Salad
6. Blue Gum vibrator quilt
7. BLT and Chips with Wine
8. Bacon and Potato Soup
9. Roast Beef and Gravy Roll with Chips.