08 November 2010

Lots of us at the Blue Gum last Saturday, it poured with rain most of the day but that didn't stop our chat, sewing or lunching :-)

Every few months or so Bec drags these stars out from the bottom of her cupboard and adds some more to this spectacular quilt... it's coming along nicely isn't it!

Erica with her 'Pinks' Kambrachallenge, you can check out more of the 'Pinks' here... Kambrachallenge

Can you read who this quilt has been made for?  and why? and by whom?  This is the fifth quilt I've made similar to this one and I love it when the siblings of the little one receiving the quilt are just as excited as I am when they are first seen... lots to see for a little boy here.

Marianne's Quilts.

Marianne's version of Bonnie K Hunters Double Delight... lots of us at the blue Gum have made this quilt and many more of Bonnie's designs as well and there are a few who are keen to make her new one coming up, check it out 'Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll Mystery'

 Marianne's version of Bonnie's 'Carolina Christmas'

Jackie's Quilts.

100 Hearts for Jackie's daughter, each heart has a special message and there is one more message on the back of the quilt.

Jackie's Double Wedding Ring.

Jackie won this beautiful quilt at the St Ives Quilt Show last month, several of those at the Blue Gum had made a block for this quilt.