09 January 2011

It's a funny sight when you rock up to the Blue Gum Pub at 10am and find SCQuilters sitting outside waiting for the doors to open :-)) especially when the strongest drink ordered is usually only a Soda, Lime and Bitters...

I think Marianne must have half a dozen elves locked away in her sewing room.  A bit like the Grimm's Fairytale 'The Elves and the Shoemaker'.    Here is her version of the Bonnie K Hunter 'Roll,  Roll, Cotton Boll' the instructions of which have been coming out on a weekly basis over the last 8 weeks.  The Instructions for the final border were posted on Friday night but Marianne (and her Elves) had that border finished before 10am the next morning... not attached to the quilt mind you but ready to put on last night after the Blue Gum.  I'll bet the whole top is finished now!  Wonderful result, I just love her colour choices and wonder if I might change my fabrics before I get around to making this RRCB.

But wait... there's more... another quilt from Marianne.

And one more... this is another Bonnie K Hunter design called Star Struck!

Jackie has  done a brilliant job of hiding her Ugly fabrics in this quilt hasn't she.

Marilyn's stop start... thank goodness it's finished... Hexagon Quilt.

 This beautiful quilt is Marilyn's Leesa Seigle Mystery. 
Lyn W. is making this quilt for one very lucky little boy, a little boy  who likes trains... isn't he going to love it eh!

A very simple but very effective quilt made by Lyn W.

We think  this beaut quilt belongs to Jackie, so crisp and fresh looking isn't it.

Heather made this quilt for a new born child, but her DH doesn't think it would be very good for a child...  too big he said. 
I think he wants it himself don't you  :-)

Lyn A. is experimenting with a machine made apple!  Another great result!

Lyn A. made this quilt with one of her Grand Daughters using a pack of squares... great result!
Glynis is still working away at these lovely little squares.

Glynis made this quilt using scraps from her stash.

Shirley was up visiting from Melbourne, I'm pretty sure this is her pretty Pointsettia if not could you let me know Shirley... when you get home of course.

Lisa is experimenting with some beautiful hand dyed wools, in this cushion she's used some of her own hand dyed fabric and some of the wools she bought in America... spectacular result isn't it!

Di has her beautiful blocks and the whole quilt together and was hand quilting it yesterday... it's been a while since we've seen the blocks... terrific result eh!

Jean was finishing off this table runner for a friend in America, I liked the runner and I rather liked the skirt as well :-)
Michelle's Handwork

One of many quilts Jackie is making with her work mates, those who aren't patchworkers did the embroidered blocks and the blokes who wanted to be included ironed the blocks...  I love this story :-)

Kath's first attempt at Applique... I think she's on a roll don't you!

Liz is coming along with her Aussie quilt.

Bec was complaining about the difficulty of making these blocks, saying she wouldn't be making any more... that was until she placed them out and saw the wonderful pattern they can make.  Will we see more next month Bec?

I didn't have any 'Show' this time but one 'Very Lovely SCQuilter' gave me this little unpicker, how lucky am I and I didn't have one in my collection, till now that is!  Thank you very much VLS  :-)

03 January 2011

The SCQuilters Blue Gum Party 2010. Sorry these photos are so late but I left, the day after the party, to spend 3 weeks in Macao with DS1 Tom's family. But I am home now and have really enjoyed putting all these photos up. Enjoy!

 The SCQuilters Blue Gum Christmas Party is a much looked forward to event... mainly for the presents!  We bring along something we wish to recycle.  The gift has to be in good condition, never used and as awful as possible.    I've been lucky some years, I've won a Popcorn Machine and some beautiful fake pink stones on jewelry, which was just perfect for my Grand Daughters Dressing up box.

Several gifts come back the following year which some dread but they are always good for a laugh.
I loved the look of that red parcel that looked a bit like a Santa.  I would have liked that present just for the bag it was in...

Cate cannot control her excitement and delight with her win of this beautiful Angel!  I wonder if her little girl is still loving it :-)
 Loz received this collection... just because you weren't able to make it Loz, the rules are... if you send a present you must receive one  :-)

 Aaahhh... did you use your magic wand over Christmas Joy?  Does it turn that little toy Penguin into a real one?

Jan received one of these Elegance Plates and some fabric... just perfect for a good Entertainer as Jan is!

Lucky Dianne... she won all the fabric and instructions for the Bedford 2010 Mystery!  I made one of these last year as did many SCQuilters from all around Australia.

 Claire received all these Christmas Plates...

 Bec was very pleased with her Teapot and Cup... especially seeing she had minded the Galleon Decanter for 12 months!

Janine received some Silver Balls... just Perfect for Christmas!
 Helen just loved her Thong Drink Coasters... I wonder if they were used on Christmas Day?

 What a Challenge... Heather's Quilt Pattern has no instructions... have you started it yet Heather?

 Just what Rosie needed... a pair of glow in the dark handcuffs and a glitzy mobile phone purse.

 Sue said she would use this bag for her Christmas Shopping.

 Ros couldn't resist that beaut Christmas bag... you can see how happy she is to have won the Galleon Decanter.   This beautiful gift has been around for quite a few years... does anyone remember where it came from first time?

 Doesn't Marilyn look delighted to have won a real snowing music box!!

 What a heap of wonderful goodies Lyn won...  I'm sure some of those got recycled for her Christmas Gifts :-)

Liz was very happy with her new shopping bag... funny thing was... she left it beside her chair and when she left the Blue Gum it was so much heavier and bulkier than when she won it...  I think there some very generous SCQuilters recycling their already recycled gifts  LOL!

There were PRIZES...

 Jan and Stephanie drew the Lucky Door Prize winners names.

 Ros won the Goodie Bag which had been filled up by Jan.

 And...  Cate, Claire, Dianne, Steph, Janine, Robyn and Lyn won Mystery Boxes donated by Pennie

 The Mystery boxes held the Sydney 2005 SCQuilters Retreat Mugs...  so as you can see there was a bit of a swap around...  not all the winners wanted two mugs  :-)))

 This beautiful quilt was the fund raising Raffle Quilt made by the Kiama Retreat Commitee...
 Marilyn drew the lucky winner.... who was Melitta from Balarang

And... There was Show and Tell as well.

 Heather made this little ball for her brand new Grandson.
 Is this for your Grandson as well Heather?
 Pennie... I have finished my second mini Amish... The Sunshine and Shadow goes well with my little Grandmother's Flower Garden doesn't it... gotta use up my stash so there are more mini's on the way.
 Claire with another quilt top finished and don't you just love the beautiful little Reindeer below.

Marilyn's Japanese Quilt.