05 May 2013

24 SCQuilters were able to make it to the Blue Gum today for a day of fun, food, inspiration, handwork and relaxation... Lovely day once again. First Up some Show and Tell.

 Jean was thrilled to show us how she's learnt to machine quilt in circles, very impressive.

 Stephanie has finished her lovely star quilt!

 Stephanie also showed us her handmade skirt, she has a challenge to try and wear something she's made each week.

 Two quilts from Selina, one for a little boy above and one for a little girl below!  Nice and bright, the children will love them.

 Selina's Aunt admired this fabric and asked Sel to make her a quilt, turned out very well didn't it.

 Claire is making these blocks... now I listened to her explanation, I heard the questions asked and even though these blocks are different sizes they will all go into the same quilt without sashing... I think I'm correct... very Interesting and it will be fun to see the finished product.

 Jenn made this cushion for her couch and her little girl has already christened it with a little baby food... Jenn will be a lot smaller next time we see her with only 5 weeks to go before her family has a new member :-)

 This quilt of Jenn's is made with all solid fabrics, the pattern you can see is the backing fabric showing through.  I should use up some of my many solids in this way, looks good doesn't it.

Emma says she can't eat Watermelon so she decided to make a Watermelon quilt as a table runner... What fun it is, I want one too :-)

 Oh Dang!  I've forgotten who's quilt this is... I was distracted by the wonderful colours... could the owner please fess up!   

Postscript... This is Rita's beautiful Purple Quilt... Thanks for fessing up Rita :-)

More and yet More Beautiful Show and Tell.

 Rita's Australiana Hexagon Quilt.

 Another Australiana Quilt made by Glynis.

 Rita made this Bike quilt for an Aussie Soldier serving overseas.

 We saw Annette's cushion as a WIP last month, this month it's all finished and stuffed.
Below is the back of Annette's cushion.

 One of Lynne's Grand Daughters cut out the fabric for this quilt but it was Lynne who put it all together.

 Butterfly Quilt made by Marianne, those butterfly blocks look quite complicated don't they.  Beautiful though.

A very pretty baby quilt made by Munaiba.

 Cath's Animal Quilt.

Cath has a new machine and she couldn't wait to try it out... this is her first go... looks pretty good doesn't it.

So who was there I hear you ask...

 From left to right around the table... Jean, Marilyn, Ruth, Erica, Becky and Annette.

Muniaba, Heather, Marianne, Liz, Lynne, Glynis and Cath.

 Half of the 24 very busy SCQuilters .

Penny and Irene... unaware that I was on the Prowl :-)

Busy Busy Handwork.

 The day started with Heather on her knees...  trying out fabrics for the border of this beautiful quilt she's making for her Grand Daughter Kiri!

 I'm not allowed to show you this quilt, it's been promised to be finished next month... so don't tell the maker okay!

 Selina absolutely fascinated me, she bought bags and bags of strips of fabrics of all colours and patterns, then she set about snipping them to the size she needs to make her next project... Sel is so prolific I think we may see it next month... so stay tuned!

 Another beautiful block from Heather, I can't wait to see all these blocks together.

 This has been Robyn's handwork for a while now, it fascinates me and we only see small sections of it each month so I have no idea what the whole quilt will look like when together... but don't worry I can wait :-)

 Lovely little red stars being put together by Marianne.

 Some Redwork by Liz... Liz does make the most interesting quilts so I'm looking forward to seeing what this will turn out like... she has plenty of time to be ready for Christmas doesn't she.

 Lynne's Spring Block, how clever are those Gum Blossoms and check out the details of the Bees below... What fun this block is!

This is one of those items which can only be described by saying it was...  To Die For!
Really chunky soft wool of many colours being knitted on great big chunky needles.

Ruth is making a Cowl which looked okay on the pattern book but looks Fantasmorigorical!!!  Supercalifragilastic!!  Finished... and gently held around Ruth's shoulders which I didn't get a photo of... sorry... but hopefully she will be back next month wearing the finished product!

BTW... do you like our new carpet... quilting comes to mind doesn't it :-)

More Busy Busy Handwork.

 Just look at what Becky is making... wonderful bird patterns in wool.  This is a Block of the Month quilt so there are a few more blocks to come, below are the ones Becky has finished so far.

I'm almost tempted to join Becky in this Block of the Month... something I've never done before...

 There were a few Happy Hookers there yesterday, this piece of Annette's had some 'reverse hooking' going on until Stephanie gave some advice and Annette continued on... unfortunately I didn't get a photo before she left.

Below is Stephanie's Hooking! which is very similar to Annette's above.

 Lissa made a few of these little cotton reel blocks but I forgot to ask her how big and so on... stay tuned!

 I've also forgotten who belongs to this beautiful sewing bag... There is something about it that want's me to touch and feel...

 What is Irene up to I wonder, those square blocks have pretty little Fairy's in the centres... Irene does have two Grand Daughters so maybe???

 The only Hexagoner in the room was Penny...  pretty paisley fabric isn't it.

 Marilyn became a Happy Hooker at the Blue Gum only a few months ago... not there's no stopping her  :-)

 I was knitting some left over wool for myself... will it be a Vest because I might run out of fabric or will it be a cardy??

Clair had a bit of a stash clearance... much to the delight of several of us.

Food Glorious Food.

 Sel started off with this wonderful concoction  :-)  I like her style!   Brulee Almond bread and fruit!  Delicious.

 Marilyn's Salmon with peas and spinach.

 My Margherita Pizza was terrific even if they did go all posh and call the Mozzarella 'Fior de Latte' which I had to do a Google of before I was brave enough to order :-)  Actually it's Mozzarella made with Cows milk not Buffalo milk.

 Fish and Chips always popular.

 Lissa's Steak Sandwich, she tells me she always has the Steak Sandwich so it must be good!

 Chicken Schnitzel with Mash.

 Beef Burger.

 I believe this Chicken Gumbo Pie had quiet a kick in it!

 Jean's Veggie Burger.

 More Fish and Chips.

Stephanie's Chicken Pizza.