04 January 2009

Hello World! Welcome... While you're looking at us... we're looking at you :-)

Look what happened overnight and I don't quite know how it happened so quickly because I haven't sent an email to SCQuilters telling them our photos of yesterdays gathering are up! I've only told the 44 Sydney SCQuilters and look what happened!! This is a Grab of the Statcounter I have on this Blog! Each red button tells us where, what city and at what time the blog was seen... Wow we must have impressed them eh! I'll email the SCQuilters now and check the counter tomorrow night!

03 January 2009

Another great day at the Pub today... lots of wonderful 'Works in Progress'. Two new quilters joined us so Welcome to Munaiba and Lynette.

It was lovely to see Shirley from Victoria... she should have been on the road home today but I threatened her DH that I'd sit on him if he didn't leave their trip till tomorrow... thanks Shirley's DH it was lovely to have a good catch up!
Lynette is new to our group and Wow at her WIP's... very inspirational Lynette! Pentagons Flowers.
Lynette's Hexagon Garden coming along nicely...
Another interesting work from Lynette...
Wendy found a project that she thought she'd lost many a year ago and is back working on it!
Ros is hand piecing this lovely Double Wedding Ring...
Three of us have started Bonnie K Hunters Double Delight Mystery Quilt... There were more of us till the first set of instructions were to make 120 - 3 1/2" square in a square, then we lost even more quilters when the second set of instructions were to make another 120 - 3 1/5" square in a squares LOL But Marilyn is going to stick in there aren't you Marilyn!!
And Ros is still in as well...
... and I will stick with it as well...
Jean is getting in early for Christmas... well if the truth be known these were planned for the Christmas just past but don't tell anybody please!!
Irene Long always does these fabulous child blocks... she has a whole series of elephants and not she's started on the giraffes.

Gay is back working on her Australian project (she lives most of the year in the UK) the blocks are double sided and these are the two different patterns they make... each year I'm just fascinated and sorely tempted!
Erica's terrific curved stars... made from her stash!
Irene Bodell's little Christmas Trees.
Heather is always doing something interesting... looks hard but always turns our terrific.
This is Gillian's 'Quote from Shakespeare' challenge that she doing in another group... she would only tell us that it's from Macbeth!! Mmmmm I'm in this challenge as well! We'll show you the quilts next month.
Cate... what more is there to say other than she's got my disease!! LOL that's a $2 coin beside her work.
Cate's Hexagons are bigger than her diamonds though!
Munaiba is making a glasses case, she has this very natty squeezy opening snap closing thingy to sew into the top to stop the glasses falling out.
Sue was working to a couple of projects.
Liz's STC WIP's
Di's Clamshells.
Di's... Italian Job? is that what it's called Di?? She has drawn the little pictures from photos she took while in Italy!
Lyn's Teddy Bear Quilt.
Jean's SCQuilters Mystery Quilt.
Cate made this for Harley.
Cate had lots of Show and Tell today... DH Aaron, baby Harley, Siobhan and Cate.
Gotcha Siobhan!
Wall hanging for Cate's dining room.
This is one of the largest quilts Liz has ever made she tells me.
Gillian's Antique Quilt which she plans to reproduce.
Detail of Gillian's Antique quilt.
Lyn Wilson - Bag made with some woollen fabrics.