05 November 2017

Saturday 4 November 2017

Eleven of us today, including a visitor from New Zealand.There was a lot of laughing and we even had a gentleman visitor apologising for 'turning us out' of our usual room for an annual old boys reunion.

Irene and Gena

Penny, Lynne and Maureen (in pink)

Maureen (in green) and Marilyn

Rita and Heather

Glynis and Irene

Cath who flew in and then had to fly out again as she had a very busy afternoon schedule. I didn't even get a chance to take a picture of her handwork before she was packing up and on her way. Sorry Cath I'll have to get a picture of your new hexagon projet next time!

Hand work:

Gena was hand quilting this beautiful ufo baby quilt.

 Heather is still working on her applique.

 Irene is completing the edging on her crochet.

Maureen (in green) is also hand quilting.

 Maureen (in pink) is creating parallelogons (elongated hexagons) for this bag.

Glynis is still creating 3" hexagons

Show and Tell:

 Lynne created a quilt top and laundry bag for an Aussie Hero. Frangipannis and a beach theme were requested and Lynne is right on the mark!

Penny made these two beautiful little dresses. The workmanship was exceptional, with french seams and piping as well!