13 December 2008

It was the Sydney SCQuilters Christmas Party today and Sue made us our favourite Mini Christmas puddings... Yummo Sue!

Jill O'Connor bought these lovely little cakes... I almost missed a photo they went so quickly.

Jean Fotheringham bought some Choccies... Apologies to Jean, Jan is such a good passer arounder I thought they were her choccies!

We do love our recycled Pressies!

Can you Guess who didn't make this wonderful top... leave a comment and I'll send a lovely prize from my stash to the first correct answer.

Can you Guess who made these wonderful Necklaces... leave a comment and I'll send a lovely prize from my stash to the first correct answer.

Jan Powell had a bit of a clean up at home and decided to give away two excellent goodie bags as lucky door prizes.

Insides of the red goodie bag won by Wendy Jones.

Insides of the brown goodie bag won by Jan Jones.

Hey isn't that funny... both the Jones (no relation) girls won the Goodie Bags!!

The Fibre Optic Lamp with moving flowers returned this year and was won by Ros... the other Recycled Gifts were just as good as you can see by the Ecstatic, Happy, Thrilled, Excited, Flabbergasted, Overjoyed looks on the faces of these lucky SCQuilters!

I think we'll see this again next Christmas!

Janine won this candle holder almost as tall as herself.

Wendy won a Face Revitaliser - not that she needs it of course.

Ros won this lovely cup cake holder which says things like - Eat dessert first!

Steph came especially to bring back the Galleon and she won this frame!

Sue won a teapot and mug... I think I saw this one last year.

Penny Smith won some strawberry smelling candles... Pheeew! She tried to swap but nobody was interested - I wonder why!

Pennie won a carrot curler and a garlic holder... sorry I have to say it...YUCK! LOL

Marilyn won a Rodd picture frame... I'm a Rodd but I think I might have passed on this particular frame!

Lisa's coffee and strainer look good!!

Jean won some lights for the Christmas Tree... now I would have liked these our lights went kaput this week!

Jan Jones won this back massager.

Irene won this Christmas Candle Lamp.

Irene won some chopstick holders.

Heather won the Galleon... this wonderful gift comes back each year!

Gay won a very pretty flowery jug!

Dianne won two very useful pot plant shades.

Bec won a wonderful snack tray with lid.

Ros Hack

Sue Hodges.

Sue Hodges.


Button Necklaces...


Dianne Sandison #2

Dianne Sandison #3

Dianne Sandison Mystery Quilt.

Lisa Hannon - Made with last years Ugly Fabric Swap.

Jill O'Connor.

Jean Fotheringham - Made with fabrics won last Christmas.

Janine Matthews #1

Janine Matthews #2

Gay Jenkins.