08 January 2017

Show, Show, Show and Tell! Aways amazing and very inspiring.

Just look at this little heart!   Lynne tells us she wanted to learn how to sew Grub Roses... well she certainly learnt pretty quick didn't she!   What a beautiful piece of work!

Now this is wonderful... see this lovely skirt, which belongs to one of Lynne's Grand Daughters.   Well the pale blue fabric used to be a pair of trousers but the Grand Daughter wanted them turned into a skirt... so Lynne added a couple of panels down the side and the aforementioned Grand Daughter now has a beautiful skirt to wear!  Clever eh!

I knew it, I could have guessed it... Yes Jean is making Bonnie K Hunters latest Mystery Quilt... Hurray!  I am going to as well but I've been a bit busy and important lately, I've kept the instructions though and now can't wait to get sewing.   I love your colours Jean!

Check out his beautiful little knitted rug by Maureen, so delicate but check out the beautiful bag her daughter made... very clever daughter I don't mind adding.
This bag was very much admired by all at the Pub yesterday, very much admired!

As was Selina's very clever bag below, but it's her shirt I envy... I want one!   Actually I need one  :-)

This is the quilt Maureen was working on, so pretty and such wonderful hand quilting.

This is the quilt Ros was working on the binding of, lovely!

And check out Emma's wacky crochet scarf, great pattern and great colours!

Last but not least and spotted just before we all left the Pub, Cath's dilly bag!  'Hexagons Rule'  I reckon! 

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