23 January 2017

Food Glorious Food.

Someone enjoyed Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Ice Cream, I can't say who but I know her name started with Ri..  :-)    to give her credit though, she did have it after her lunch.

Salt and Pepper Squid is always popular at the Penno Pub.

The Author of this Blog is very partial to the odd oyster or two or 6!  and loves the Penno Pub's Duck Pancakes!

The battered New Zealand Whiting Fillets looked very delicious and were also popular.

The Thai Beef Salad is another very popular dish.

Somebody, who shall remain nameless loved the Penno Pub's Salted Caramel Ice Cream...  I wonder who that can be?    Hint... her name ends in ie...  :-)

The Steak Sandwich was much enjoyed.

But... it's the Sticky Squid Salad that wins many a SCQuilter's heart time after time!  
Gosh I'm feeling hungry again!!

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