04 December 2016

SCQuilters at the Blue Gum Pub yesterday, lots of lovely SCQuilters that I have missed seeing for the last few gatherings because I've been just too busy and important! :-)

 You have no idea how long it takes some people to get ready for a Photo Shoot  :-)  But no worries Pennie and Annie achieved it in the end.

 Emma was there with a beautiful mini Fuchsia plant struck by the clever Lynne.

 Heather and Robyn, behaving for once!

 What a happy grin Cath has today...

 Emma was there... along with Liz.

 The Threesome were there...  Rita, Glynis and Lynne... look out everybody!

 Stephanie and Marilyn...  trying to look innocent!

And Emma was there, with a little doll I knitted and gave to her... Emma's named her 'Penniedarling',  my 3 3/4 year old grandson had named her Isla.

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