08 January 2017

Busy hands just seem to make more and more work, especially when we see and much admire what another SCQuilter is working on that we just have to make ourselves!

 Becky tells us she is just using a cheap hanky to stitch this beautiful work...  just a cheap hanky!   Well it's not going to be 'cheap' when she finishes is it!

 Cath is playing with Hexies, I hope we see more of these and these below as well......

 Christine is loving having some easy hand work to do on the train as she travels back and forth from Sydney to Bathurst!

 I love this work of Colleen's, I wonder how it will finish up.

 Emma bought these lovely fabrics along and managed to cut them all to pieces with only stringy  scraps to take home...   Oh and many many Hexagons as well of course  :-)

 Irene is working away on another crochet scarf for her favourite Charity.

 Now these look interesting,  I wonder what Jean is up to... she did explain but my head was already full so now I can't remember but hopefully we will see one day soon.

 Methinks there might have been just a tad of reverse sewing going on here since we last saw this amazing piece of work from Liz... just a tad.

 I have no idea what is going on here, but it looks such fun!  Do you want to try and guess?   or... maybe we'll wait for Lynne to finish so we can see eh!

 I am knitting this pattern or a very similar one for the 7th time... Yes  Seventh time  :-)  who's decision was it to have so many grown up kids eh!  This one is for DS2.

 Penny has been Lucy Boston-ing for many many months now, I did ask her how many more blocks she thought she needed to do but... as I have already said... my head was full so I can't remember, she must have hundreds already done though, what an amazing quilt this will be and knowing Penny as I do, it will be beautifully hand quilted as well.

 I love these bright blocks that Robyn makes up, looking forward to seeing where this one goes in the scheme of things.

 Ros was binding, binding and binding...  this is the last process of a quilt and one that takes a long time doesn't it.

 Beautiful and very pretty seed sack fabrics are being turned into these blocks by Gillian, so delicate.

 Heather...  I still love this block and it is looking better and better... Heather tells us she only sews these blocks when she comes to one of our Pubs!!

 Selina, Selina, Selina...  I wonder what you are up to now...  Your sketch looks interesting... I guess we will just have to wait and see eh!

 Shirley, all the way up from Melbourne, bought along one of our favourite pieces of handwork when we are out and about... Hexagons!  Yay!

Now I've saved the best till last...  well maybe it's because the maker of this little item has a name starting with S...

Stephanie tells me she is making a...  wait for it...   A Codpiece!!!     She isn't actually but she certainly got a good laugh... this is a Water Bottle holder, one of several she's making for her Grandchildren!   :-)  

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