23 January 2017

Handwork - lots of busy hands at work.

This is Brenda's Pin Cushion,  I just couldn't bear to see pins stuck in this lovely little fellow so took them out for the photo...  I couldn't put them back in, Brenda had to.

Brenda was working on this lovely big Dresden Plate.

Heather has almost finished all her blocks for this quilt she's been making for a while, she only works on it while she's at one of our Pubs...  All Heather has to do now are the faces, she's having trouble drawing them up.

Irene was working on another scarf for Charity.

Jill was hand quilting her Charity quilt.

I love this little sewing bag of Joy's, so bright and fun.

Joy is working on another border of this quilt.

Lissa got a lot of work done on this crochet scarf, Michelle started her off and boy did she work at it... I took this photo well before we finished for the day I know it has doubled.

Lynne is always making such delicate stitchery's these are little beauties.

Michelle has made these but I forgot to ask what she is doing with them so you will have to stay tuned.

This lovely work is Michelle's as well and it's growing and growing!

Rita is preparing early for Christmas this year  :-)

Robyn is working on another stunning appliqued Quilt.

Marilyn was sewing Hexagons,  I took the first photo and by the time I'd gone around our tables taking other photos she'd finished this pinky block!   She had lots in her work bag but I just took a photo of one other.

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