08 January 2017

Wow! Some of these SCQuilters travelled a great distance to be at the Pub today!

I really enjoyed our day at the Blue Gum Pub yesterday, and it was very lovely to be able to have a really good catch up with lots of people I haven't seen in ages, there were hugs and kisses all around.. well almost  :-)

Some SCQuilters travelled great distances to be with us which is just magic isn't it and I know we all went home happy if a little tired after all the noise of greetings, laughter, food and chat! 

It was indeed a Fun Day!
We haven't seen Becky for months, she's been out and about and not all that well so it was great to see her wonderful smile once again.    That's me on the right in case you didn't know.

Lovely to see Cath and Robyn as well... Cath travels about one hour to get to the Pub and Robyn about 5 minutes!
Colleen came all the way from Rutherford way up past Maitland.  That's one and a half hours but she is staying in Sydney this weekend... Liz lives a tad closer so good to see both of them.
Emma and Rita don't live too far away, we all commented on how we loved Emma's new haircut,  looking fabulous Emma!
This happy double act don't live too far away either although Gillian will be moving west in a couple of months... Heather isn't are you Heather?
Another happy double act Irene and Penny only live 15 minutes away.
Now these two are always trouble when they get together, well Jean from the Central Coast is the better behaved but Shirley, that younger sister of hers all the way from Melbourne can be trouble!  Don't tell her I told you that will you  :-)     So so so lovely to see these two, it's been so long... make sure you don't leave it so long next time okay!
Lynne and I almost live in the same street so we don't have far to come.
Now these two travelled many many many miles...  Maureen from Kent, UK (but not yesterday) and Christine from Bathurst!   It was really lovely meeting Maureen for the first time and wonderful to see Christine once again.
Gosh did I get in almost every photo???   Now Stephanie came up all the way from Albion Park Rail, she tells me it took her 3 1/2 hours to get to the Pub and 5, that's FIVE hours to get home... that's public transport for you, especially when they are working on the rails and buses have to take over!   Poor Steph, that was one very looooong day but we're so glad to have seen you and enjoy our catch up.
Lovely always to see 'Wonder Woman'  Selina and how long has it been since we've seen Ros all the way from Padstow.      Wonderful to have a good catch up with both of you.

There were a couple of people who's photos I didn't get around to taking... it was terrific seeing Jill who enjoyed lots of lovely chats with many of us and lovely to see  Marilyn and Ruth  as well.

A great day all in all!   Thanks Everyone!

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