19 June 2016

Show and Wonderful Tell!!

Pennie won these little balls of wool...  well that's not exactly true, it was Loz who won these little balls of wool and she showed her prize, which included many other things, on Facebook... I commented that really wanted them but didn't need them and Loz gave them to me in exchange of a small cup of flat white coffee!   Good Deal I reckon, for me that is!  Thanks Loz!

Just look at these little blocks Michelle has made, they will go into a bigger project I just had to make a mosaic of them... aren't they just wonderful.

 Did anyone leave this book behind by mistake... I know where it is if you would like it returned, just let me know.

 Glynis's quilt for a young lad, with a halo!

 Jill made this quilt and Emma just finished quilting it for her, the back below.

 Rita made this quilt for a young soldier, below the back.

 Rita made this laundry bag for a young soldier who loves the Sea.

 I love this little sewing purse made by Joy.

Very handy and very easy made little box for your sewing materials made by Sally.

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