05 June 2016

Record rain and wind outside with Record fun inside the Blue Gum Pub yesterday with a lovely lot of Quilters, Knitters, Stitchers, Crocheters and Lunchers ranging in age from 1 to 70+ :-)

 I'm loving catching up with the sweetest little Josie who bought her Mummy along to the Pub... just for a bit of lunch, Pizza... with some friends.

 Becky and Stephanie were there as were Cath and Irene below.

 Glynis and her sister Joanne were there so were Jenn and Sel.

 Aaahhh... here's the lovely Josie's Mum, Claire with Kate and Cherie below.

 Robyn (not my cousin but shares the same name) with Glynis.

 This is always a difficult photo to take, these three just can't be trusted you know!  Especially that one in the Middle!  :-)  One day I will get Lynne to open her eyes.

 Here I am with Emma and below here I am with Rita... I do get around don't I?

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