05 June 2016

Show and Tell, Show and Tell, Show and Tell, Show and Tell and More Show and Tell.

 So pretty and so practical, especially if you have a cat that likes to put it's paw into the milk jug.  Beautifully made Milk Jug Cover/Doily by Becky.

 I think Cath made this stunner but please if I am wrong let me know, my drugged brain wasn't at it's best yesterday.

 Just check out Cherie's bag, hasn't she done a brilliant job.  I think I need to make one :-)

 I love this one but cannot remember who is standing behind it!  I must remember to get a second photo of each quilt with their maker next time!

 Glynis made this stunner starting with a tea towel bought in Paris.  The Red and Black blocks were started for one of our challenges a couple of years ago.  Wonderful Glynis.

 Just check out this beauty made by Jill, I love these blocks as did many of the rest of us and it was funny watching some of them pointing out upside down blocks... there aren't any upside down blocks, they're all in their correct position!

 Rita has made this quilt for a neighbour's 18 year old daughter using all this girls favourite colours.

 Another little beauty made by Rita.

This beautiful quilt below is going to be a secret until next month!  So you will have to hang on till then to see the spectacular top.

 Love, love, just love Joanne's very versatile wrist warmers.  How delicate are the frills eh :-)

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