05 June 2016

Lots of inspiring Handwork.

 Lovely soft socks just finished off by Becky.

 Interesting Hexagon blocks being made by Glynis.

Absolutely beautiful delicate shawl being made by Joanne.

 Love this little yarn holder, I wonder if they have them with a Babushka on it  :-)  Only joking... please don't.

Above is what Cherie and Kate are each making and below... with these tools.

 Emma finishing off a border.

 Loving watching the progress of Heather's blocks, so my childhood!

 I love this new little beauty being made by Liz.

 Lots and lots of these interesting shapes being made by Lynne, she's making a bag I believe!  Wow!

I was very brave and bought along my Aran knitting...  33 stitches times three in each row with 32 rows in the pattern!  not something one should be working on while moving around and chatting to lots of people under a drug induced state... but wonder of all wonders I didn't make a mistake!  It is the fourth time I've knitted this pattern over the last 50 years.

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