04 April 2016

Show and Tell - Now I'm having to guess here, it's hard enough trying to remember who's beautiful quilt belongs who but when I wasn't even there... it's a tad harder so I will once again need some help... please.

I like this one, I'll just call it Mine!
This looks like the back of a quilt, it looks lovely and soft and I could also call it Mine!

I like these patterns... so Mine and Mine!!

In all honesty I don't think I can claim this quilt to be Mine, I know that's Sel holding up what looks like the back of the lovely quilt below.

I like this one as well but I think I've been greedy enough so will have to ask for HELP!

Wow!  I can't claim this one either because I can see Christine holding it up!

I'm going to have a wild guess here... does this one belong to Jackie or Rita???
... and this one below...  Jackie or Rita?

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