20 March 2016

Today we visited the Pennant Hills Hotel - maybe I should call this Blog the 'Pub Crawling Quilters'!

About 15 years ago, the Sydney SCQuilters started getting together on the First Saturday of each month at what was then called the Pennant Hills Inn, at Pennant Hills.    We had a lovely open room to meet in, it was right at the Station and next door to a Patchwork Shop, it was ideal but then...  The Smoking Rules changed so Pubs had to find an area outside for their Smokers and that area just happened to be 'our' room, so 10 years ago we moved to the Blue Gum Pub at Waitara.

A few years ago the Pennant Hills Inn did a big renovation and it is now called Hotel Pennant Hills or to some of us in the know, 'the Penno Pub' which is now a great place to meet for all ages with a quieter room for people like us.

There has been talk about either moving back to the 'Penno Pub' or better still meeting twice a month!  Yesterday 18 of us met at the our second Pub for the month and all in all claimed it a great success.  I will be making up a Survey so that everyone can have a say and we'll see what we decide.

Here are some old photos taken at the Penno Pub more than 10 years ago and a couple of photos taken yesterday.

 SCQuilters at the Pennant Hills Inn in 2006 and below some of the same SCQuilters against the same wall 10 years later.

Penno Pub 2006 and below 2016
 Irene L. was lucky to have her lovely Grand Daughter Sophia come with her for a day at the Pub, Sophia is learning to knit :-)

So...  what exactly are you doing Michelle???    Looks fun!

There are more old photos on Flickr, check them out HERE.

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