17 April 2016

Very busy hands make for some really beautiful work.

What does one need for a happy day.           One glass of Champagne, a Kit Kat and some sewing  :-)
I wonder who this belongs to!

 Heather is onto Block 11 of her amazing quilt, there will be 12 blocks when all finished.

 Irene B. knitting a scarf for the Homeless, as was Irene L. crocheting a scarf for the same cause.

 Irene L. work at the end of the day.

 Something interesting going on here with Kathleen's work.

 Something just as interesting going on here with Jan's work... I hope we eventually see the finished products! 

 Now here's a story...  Many years ago, Maureen made the quilt in the photo top left, it's been on her bed for a long time but it's worn out and faded... so believe it or not!  Maureen has unpicked all her old hand quilting and is searching for ideas of how to put this quilt back together again.  Love to see what you decide Maureen.

 Wow!  What a blast from the past.  Nola is putting together a 17 year old SCQuilters Signature Quilt.  Keep going Nola this block looks wonderful.
 This is fascinating!  Nola is the first entry in this contemporary textile book, read about her work below, wonderful stuff.

 I'm knitting more ANZAC poppies but why does the colour go bonkers??

 Sharon does the most amazing fussy cutting work, just look very closely at her block above.

Not much Show and Tell this week, Rita was the only SCQuilter with something to show.

 Cute little Ladybird cushion for a daughter.

Rita's finished quilting and binding her Blue and White quilt, check out the delicious flannel backing below :-)

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