04 April 2016

Handwork, so many great things being made and so varied! Fun, Fun, Fun... but I'm guessing here so please... let me know who's is who...

I have a sneaky feeling Liz has started another funky embroidery.

I've seen these before and I'm channeling Sel??

Dunno what's going on here but they all look delicious :-)

Now that's funky!  I love it but who does it belong to... and hey is that a little Easter egg?
I now have it on good authority that this work belongs to Jenn! 

Binding, Binding, Binding going on here, I saw this one being held up but Who's does it belong to I wonder!

I know now... it's Jackie!

These are Mine!   If I'm wrong here I think they should be mine anyway!

Heather!  Yay!

Mmmm... Quilter #1?

These are Rita's fabrics, aren't they?

I'm guessing Glynis!!???

This one is easy peasy... Lissapoo!

I've seen this knitting before!  It's Irene!

I've also seen this beautiful work before... Lynne!!

I'd know that neck anywhere... Lissa!

Socks... let me think... Becky???

Another Guess... Stephanie??

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