04 April 2016

I wasn't able to make it to the Blue Gum this month, too busy and important by far I was! But... have no fear the lovely Becky, of whom there is no photo, took lots of really wild and funky photos for us all. Thanks Becky!

These two quilters look as though they are quilting in the dark... but... no!  They can see quite well.
Hello Emma and Rita!  you two seem to have the very special seats for today.

The names of 6 of the ten in this photo are firmly in my head... but... two just aren't falling into place... Help someone please!
Cath, Heather, Quilter #1, Quilter #2, Jill, Jo, Rhonda and Kathleen.
Jo, Rhonda, Kathleen, Jackie,  Cath, Heather, Christine and Denise.
Glynis, Lissa, Liz, Lynne, Lyn, Stephanie's back, Jenn, Selina's back, Jackie and closer to the camera, Irene and Christine all the way from Bathurst!
Jenn, Jackie, Cath, Selina and Stephanie's side.
Rhonda and Kathleen.
Liz, Lynne and Lyn.

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