07 February 2016

Here's my Story...

I was admiring Jenn's neat and colour coordinated Hexagon's, and the colour coordinated finished hexi blocks behind, plus on the right but hard to see are the coloured threads in that little capsule so I thought I'd take a photo of my box of Hexagons below...
What a mess in comparison to Jenn's!

Then I found an address on one of my old old old hexi papers, see below.
This is my handwriting so I must have written this address down on the only bit of paper we could find way back in 2005/6 when we were living in the UK.

I got so excited!  I don't remember this address, is it the home of Jane Austen or some other famous Author?  Actor?  Prime Minister...  or is it one very special Patchwork Shop?  I couldn't wait to get home from the Pub and have a really good search on Google.

So this is what I found so took a Grab.
21 Bath Street, Weymouth.  Nice looking Terrace house but no plaque on the wall and absolutely nobody famous ever lived here so was it a friend's home?  I don't remember visiting this home while we were living in England back then...  soooo... looking closer and from above...

... there's Bath street in the middle left of this Grab and right behind it is the 'First Hampshire and Dorset'    BUS DEPOT!    Hmmm  my David, he was very fond of the type of buses that ran from this Depot so he must have met one of the Drivers who lived near by!  
How disappointing for me! 

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