07 February 2016

Today we enjoyed the company of three Daughters and one Grand Daughter of our friends... how lovely is that eh!

Penny and Robyn.

Jenn and Pennie... a selfie :-)

Jill and Irene... I missed getting a photo of Irene's daughter Janine and Irene's Grand Daughter Amelia.   Amelia had been playing Baseball somewhere near by so called in to say hello.

Michelle and Lissa.

Marilyn and Stephanie... and daughter Heather in background.  Heather was learning to Crochet, she certainly had plenty of helpers here at the Pub!  Good luck Heather.

Lynne and Lizzie.

Lyn and Becky.

Linda with her daughter Savannah who had been coaching her team in a Water Polo game way down in Sutherland and called in to enjoy a lunch with her mum on her way home.

Glynis and Rhonda.

Jan from Canberra and Kathleen.

I just realized I did miss a couple of SCQuilter's... sorry Heather and Cath.

It's way past 3pm and only a few of us left and still sewing at the Pub...  there's Lizzie sitting all by herself... she did join us shortly after this photo, she was concentrating so hard on her work she couldn't stop and move :-)


FlourishingPalms said...

Hi Pennie! And hi Lyn! I saw a couple faces I know. :-)

Pennie said...

And a big Hello to you Linda :-)