03 January 2016

It was Full House at the Blue Gum Pub yesterday, 33 SCQuilters arrived, the noise level was high, the chat was interesting and inspirational, everybody was busy with handwork, ('cept me) and it was soo lovely to see so many happy faces!

One SCQuilter flew in from Melbourne, she has become a sort of regular, another flew home to the Phillipines today, one drove up from Albion Park Rail others from the foothills of the Blue Mountains, many were a bit closer with only a one hour drive and some of us had enjoyed a 10 minute drive.  We are a big mix of good friends aren't we!   How lucky are we all being able to find like minded friends from all around Australia through the internet and be able to meet monthly for a lovely catch up.  I just love it!!

From left to right - Cath, Nicole, Ros, Colleen, Rhonda, Kathleen, Jan and Jackie.

Brenda, Maggie and Stephanie.

Lynne and Erica.

Sitting in the VIP Corner are Kate and Muniaba.

Marianne, Liz and Irene.

Pennie and Lisa.

 Penny and Jill.

From left to right - Heather, Robyn, Marilyn, Annie, Becky, Marianne and Glynis.

Sisters - Jean and Shirley.

I missed getting photos of  Emma and Jenn...  
Pennie, Stephanie, Maggie, Lisa, Brenda, Penny, Lynne, Jill, Irene, Liz, Shirley, Jean, Annie, Marilyn, Becky, Erica, Heather, Robyn, Emma, Jackie, Jan, Kathleen, Lynne, Colleen, Rhonda, Nicole, Ros, Cath, Jenn, Glynis, Munaiba, Kate, Marianne.


Di said...

It warms my heart to see all those familiar faces wearing the beautiful smiles that come from having fun and creating with comfortable 'old' friends! These days my Saturdays are taken up with visiting my mother. She's well, and in her own apartment in a retirement village, but really enjoys it when my sister and I visit for our Saturday afternoon teas. One day, though, I'll be back to joining the pub fun. xxx

Pennie said...

It always is a very heart warming day Di! I've been wondering when we would be seeing and Di Bracy, hopefully one day soon. cheers Pennie