07 February 2016

Show and Tell... Wow! Wow! Wow!

So so so in love with this quilt of Jenn's, we've watched month by month as each and every border has been very carefully sewn together.  The colours are amazing aren't they.  Two more borders to go, so it's going to be an enormous quilt!

Love, love just love Lissa's pendant!  Coloured Pencils.  I want one... actually I think I really need one!

All finished!  Looking wonderful Becky, just terrific.

This is Ruth's shawl, another beauty with the same finishing off as Beck was doing today.

Cath went to a Quilt Show in Japan.  It was all about Peter Rabbit and William Morris.  Beautiful photos in this book.

Jill almost finished the binding on this lovely quilt, another for her Charity.

Wow!  Lyn's friends grandchild is going to love this quilt, such fun and so colourful!

 Look at these beautiful little dresses, Stephanie's Grandmother made them for Steph's two daughters, one of whom is sitting beside Steph.  Stephanie has soaked and washed the dresses and they now look like new again. 

Gosh! Marilyn has made another great Bonnie K Hunter quilt, I haven't seen this pattern before and of course I can't remember the name of it... I think I need a secretary to follow me as I take photos and jot down all the wonderful information for you  :-)

Michelle didn't make this bag but someone in Africa did, isn't it just delightful, recycling at it's best eh!

I forgot to bring my 'Show' yesterday... Last week I made this little quilt for Lila Rose, my new Great Niece recently born in Singapore.  I've just got to quilt and post it off.

Penny's two Santa Stockings, one she made for Grand Daughter Madison last year and the stocking she was working on today for Grand Daughter Amelie, what fun they are.

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