07 February 2016

Lets start this months posts with some very inspiring handwork...

Oooppps... how did this photo slip in  :-)   One very delicious Lime Brulee, where did it come from and I wonder who enjoyed it!

Sorry... what happens at the Pub stays at the Pub.

Becky did a very clever casting off of her shawl, she did explain it to me but of course I've forgotten.

 When Becky finished her shawl she got started making a pair of socks!  Lovely Wool.

Heather tells me we've already seen this block, I don't really remember if we have or not so I've just been on a treasure hunt and found this photo below taken in October 2015!  Looking good Heather.

Irene's little crochet square, I have seen more of these squares in Irene's collection so I wonder how big this blanket is going to be.

Jill was finishing off the binding on this quilt.

Kathleen bought these two handwork projects along and got some advice and help from her friend Jan.

Lissa finished off this Cotton Reel block today and below the rest of the blocks.   Lissa has great plans for these blocks but we will just have to wait and see how they turn out.

Just check out what Liz is up to, these works of art always fascinate me, so much fine stitchery and this one looks as though it will be enormous!

Lyn was binding this little quilt for a friends grandchild.

Lynne is working with these wonderful woolen fabrics... I have seen the pattern she's working on and so stay tuned for something just beautiful coming up.

Michelle has almost finished knitting this beautiful cardigan/jacket for Erin, her DD1.

Penny was working on this beautiful Christmas stocking for her lovely little grand daughter Amelie!

Yes, yes I know, I know... I said I would never sew Hexagon's again... but I never said 'never ever'  did I :-)    I just needed some mindless handwork to take along when the real aim of these sorts of gatherings... is to chat!

A warning... don't ask me what I'm making because I have no idea!  At the moment it's just mindless easy sewing which keep my hands and head happy :-)

There will be a little story about my Hexagon Collection at the end of today's posts!

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