07 September 2015

What a prefect day it was at the Pub last Saturday. I took 70 photos and one little Movie, there is one Show and Tell that has nothing to do with quilting, knitting, stitching or crocket but something I seriously needed to search Wiki for... oh and there is a little story as well. Enjoy Everyone.

 The Competition this month was - 'Who can pull the funniest Face!'
Lissa is trying hard, above but Irene on the right,  has no chance for a Gold Star this time.

 Both Maggie and Michelle are in there with a chance for the Gold Star!

 Marianne and Gillian had two go's but sorry girls you aren't even trying, you both look far too happy!

I'm loving the streaks Annie and Stephanie but neither of you are in the Funny Face Competition.

Glynis and Cath haven't got funny faces either.

 I decided to try on either side of Rita... but no we aren't in with a chance either are we!

 Here's another two who aren't trying to win this months 'Funny Face' competition, Penny and Virginia.

Nor are the three lovely ladies below... Sarah, Heather and Marilyn.

The Winner of the Funny Face Competition and the winner of this month's Gold Star... is Lynne!  Great Job Lynne and good try Liz but Lynne will be receiving this months Gold Star.
Make sure you bring it back to the Pub next month Lynne  :-)

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