07 September 2015

Food, food and more food with a little story as well.

Yum and Yum!

And Yum and Yum!
And Yummy Pizza.

 SCQuilters at the Blue Gum Pub - Story #241!

Now here's the story, I don't know quite how to take this tale but I'm taking it in good spirits... okay!

Well!  I know that I am a very boring person, I don't drink Alcohol, I don't even drink Tea or Coffee and very rarely do I drink a Hot Chocolate...  I do like Water, I do like Shape Milk and I do drink the odd Diet Coke but only out of a can or a bottle, never out of those machine things.  So what do I drink when I go to the Pub for a fun day eh!

Well, I usually start off with half lemonade and half soda water -  oh did I tell you... I don't like too sweet either.  Then in the afternoon I usually have half a lemon squash and half soda water, I like to mix it up you know.

Well last Saturday afternoon at the Pub,  Lissa kindly offered to buy me a drink so I asked her if she could get me Half Lemon Squash and Half Soda Water, off she went and ordered me a half lemonade, half soda water... the girl behind the bar, and there are many it's not the same girl every month... said... 'Is that for one of the group up in the quilting room?'   'Yes.' said Lissa, to which the Bar Girl said,  'She usually orders a half Lemon Squash half Soda Water.'  Lissa had to agree with her,  'Yes that's what she asked for!' she said.

Now does this mean I'm so weird and boring that all the girls who work at the Blue Gum Pub know just how weird I am?  But there again it's rather lovely that those young women remember me... the only thing is... I didn't realize that I always had the half lemonade in the morning and half lemon squash in the afternoon... I know I don't usually have two of one of these drinks on the same day, so maybe the Bar Girl remembered that I had already enjoyed the half Lemonade!

That's the Story, aren't you glad you scrolled all the way down here for it eh?  LOL!

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