04 October 2015

Show, Show and Wonderful Tell.

Stephanie did a class in Thailand, great result Steph.

 You have to see and feel this Show of Virginia's to believe it! Virginia's enormous blanket is very heavy and all Hand Crocheted!!!
Can you believe this???  Amazing.

Selina is making the most of some left overs.
 Fabulous aren't they.

Jenn has fussy cut every little piece of these borders... true, you have to feel the quilt to realize that it is fussy cut and not just the pattern in the fabric.  What fun eh!  I'd love doing this sort of quilting... yes Jenn and I are quite mad  :-)  in the nicest possible way of course.

Marilyn has a new Grandson and another Grandchild on the way...  hence the lovely Peter Rabbit quilt.

 Jackie had a lot of terrific show and tell for us yesterday and wait till you get down to #6
Jackie  #1.
Jackie  #2.

Jackie  #3.

Jackie #4.

Jackie #5.

Jackie's #6 Show and Tell...  all the quilts won prizes at the recent Adelaide Show.

Congratulations Jackie!

This quilt below was quilted by the Prize winning Jackie and was made by Heather for the St Ives Quilters... it's going to a Charity.

Cath had lots of lovely Show for us again yesterday.
 Cath #1.

 Cath #2.

Cath #4.

Rita had a lot of lovely quilts to show as well.
 Rita #1

 Rita #2.

 Rita #3.

Rita #4.

Check out this lovely idea of Glynis' below.  The idea is based on the 'Confetti Quilt' click to see.

 Lissa made this quilt and forgot to stitch the pictures, they were transfers... she's stitched them now though :-)
 Lissa bought this Tent Maker Quilt below... isn't it stunning!

Joy has put together Bonnie K Hunters Mystery 'Grand Illusions'.  I made the blocks but haven't put mine together yet....  one day!!  Well done Joy.

Another lovely quilt by Jill, I do like her choice of colours!

 Check out Lynne's tiny little houses, she got this made quickly, it seems as if she was only starting this one last week. 

 Maggie flew in from America yesterday morning, she landed at 8:30am and came straight to the Pub...  while visiting her home, her mother bought out this quilt saying that she couldn't remember when she made it!  Maggie was able to inform her mother that she didn't make it Maggie did!  :-)
 We have a little Pub challenge each year. Lissa set the challenge for this year and it is... 4 Patches!  Maggie is moving to Manila for a few months so won't be here for the December Pub meeting, but she's made her challenge and here it is!
 All Japanese fabrics, it looks and feels wonderful!

Nice to see Ros this month, and her beaut show.

Liz was wearing this amazing black lace jacket, I just had to have a photo of it... 

I made this little quilt a few years ago... Michelle took a liking to it so I gave it to her!
Pennie's Mini New York Beauty.

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