07 September 2015

Handwork, lots of different, fascinating things going on this month.

Irene was knitting a scarf using some of her old wool... we wondered just how old this wool must have been.

Lissa finished off another couple of Pies and Tarts.

Heather working on one more of these blocks, this one looks like the children are playing Hide and Seek.

Liz won the most prolific hand worker this month. She's finished this masterpiece above.

Now she's working on a little cat.

Here she is wearing a jumper Lynne made for her.

Below are just some of her threads.  These are the Blues!
But wait... there's more.

Look at this new piece below!  You win hands down Lizzie.

Lynne has almost finished her sweet little bird.... actually I'll bet it's finished by the time this post goes up on the Blog!

Love Love Love Maggie's Hexagons.  She bought the fabric and the papers already pre-cut.  Now I know I've said many times that I am not going to make any more hexie quilts... but...  but...  Mmmmmm...  These look so yummy!

Marianne knitting herself something warm.

Marilyn is making these very pretty hexagons, I wonder who this quilt will be for?

Michelle was knitting her third pair of socks, she tells me she is going to keep these ones and I've just seen a post on FaceBook of her feet clad in these beautiful warm darlings.

Me, me, me... I'm really enjoying getting back to knitting Fair Isle but it's not something one can knit  while chatting, taking photos, and enjoying lunch!  So I bought along a daggy square to knit at the Pub instead.

Penny got another of her beaut Lucy Boston blocks together.

Rita was cutting up lots of scraps for further use.

 Annie is numbering her crochet squares so she can put them together in a similar way position as the picture below.
 I looked at this photo closely to see where the same blocks are placed and ... it's very random so no wonder Annie needs to number her blocks.

Zig Zag Crochet by Ruth.

Lots of hand quilting going on in Sarah's quilt.

Stephanie is knitting her cardigan in one piece, I love knitting like this but it is one big lot of stitches on the needle at once.  Looking forward to seeing this one finished Stephanie.

 Gillian was cutting out these little curved squares and going to make the quilt pictured. 

BTW Gillian, you dropped one square on the floor but I bought it home with me so have no fear I will give it to you next time I see you :-)

Yummy wool being used by a newbie to the Pub.  Welcome Virginia.  I hope you come back next month.

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Silly Goose said...

Just love your monthly updates. Sounds like you all have such a lovely time!