04 December 2016

Show, Show, Show and Tell... Here's some wonderful Christmassy Show as well as some not so Christmassy Show and Tell.

Guess who enjoyed a delicious glass of red with her Pizza???

Lynne had the right idea when I asked for Christmas Show and Tell, she's made all these sweet little decorations over the years, aren't they lovely.  I should have bought some of mine.

I tried to get a decent photo of this lovely little decoration of Lynne's... not good but you get the idea.

Emma bought a beaut Christmassy table runner.

I love love love this quilt of Marilyn's, I'm making one just like it next year...
The back looks pretty good as well.

Stephanie's quilt is looking wonderful, as I look closely I realize that I started something like this many years ago and I'm afraid I now have to admit that it might not be a WIP any more but a UFO... oh the shame!   that means I have another project for next year.

This is my 2007 Row by Row Christmas quilt...  I love it but it's not the sort of thing I leave hanging all year.
I was going to bring along this little wall hanging I made many moons ago and share the candy canes... but I forgot...  Oh well I will just have to eat them all myself... or wait till Grandchildren arrive.

Below are the three little dolls I knitted.

Robyn had some lovely Christmassy Bunting she'd made, double sided Bunting.

Robyn also bought along a couple of her other Christmassy quilts she's made over the years.

I do not for a minute understand how exactly Selina made this wonderful bag!  There are leather bits and all, she's incredible.

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