06 November 2016

25 of us lovely ladies at the Blue Gum yesterday and it was another very busy day.

Knitting and crocheting are still proving very popular at the moment. Lessons in crochet were being conducted at opposite ends of the room.

Annie was knitting this clever little rug where you cast on and off within the colour you're working on and don't have to 'sew' your blocks together at the finish.

She also had this lovely crochet piece with her as well.

Becky was working on this knitted shawlette

Kate with her stepped knitted shawl

Lynne working on her crochet project

Lyn was demonstrating her crochet project to Robyn 

Robyn was creating her own under Lyn's tutelage

and Irene was looking at her crochet

Irene's basket of wool, used for inspiration I think.

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