04 December 2016

Busy, busy and just as busy as usual.

Annie's Hexagons and below Annie's little sewing kit.

Cath is making something really interesting with these Hexagons.

Emma's Hexi Christmas Decoration, what a clever idea.

Glynis was binding these three little quilts for charity, she's machine quilted them herself... Wow!

Below is the back of this one above.

Looking good Heather, just a couple of smiles to go.
Lizzie's wonderwork is moving along, a lot more done since I saw it last.

Lynne finishing off a couple of old Christmas decorations.

Lynne was also working on this little piece for one of her grand daughters...  I wonder what her name starts with??
I am knitting this jumper for my DS2 Gwilym, it is the 6th time I've knitted this Aran pattern so I know it off by heart now.

Rita was making Christmas Decorations and below putting bells on her bunting.

Robyn continues working on her lovely bright quilt block by block.

Ruth crocheting up another masterpiece.

Marilyn was Hexing as well.

Sewing - 6
Stitching - 5
Hexagon - 5
Crochet - 1
Knitting - 1

We're a weird mob that's for sure, we call ourselves Quilters but very rarely does one see someone actually quilting... we do cover a wide range of handy skills don't we.   What would be a new name for us I wonder...  Any ideas??


Anonymous said...

Names? How about

- Sewing belles
- Crafty mamas
- Sewing sistas/sisters
- Sewing circle

..... or you can call the afternoon "Sew good" eg. you're going to 'sew good' today ;-)

fwiw etc etc :-)

:-) Sue :-)

Pennie said...

Mmm... Thanks Sue, Crafty Belles appeals :-)