20 March 2016

Together we have some Handwork and some Show and Tell.

Wonderful to see this magical quilt almost finished, we've watched it grow for a few years now but today Becky bought her border fabric, she's going to applique the sides to the fabric.
 More socks for Becky's family.

 Stephanie's jumper is called a 'Boyfriend Jumper',  just makes me want to ask... Why Boyfriend?
Below is the jumper Steph was working on yesterday.

 Glynis is making some more interesting blocks.

 This is the back above and the front below of Irene B's beaut quilt she was binding today.

 Irene L's knitting a very funky scarf as is Jackie below... both are going to their daughters.

 Jackie's star quilt above and below a quilt she has put together for a friend, the friend had made the blocks in the 'quilt as you go' method but tired of it and was going to throw them away, Jackie rescued the blocks, undid the quilting and has put them together in this beaut way, she will now machine quilt it and give it back to her friend... Quilters are a very friendly and a giving lot aren't we!

 Jackie has started on Hexagons... looking forward to seeing more of these!

Jill was being very secretive today, she bought this little quilt to bind but before she came to the Pub she pinned some fabric over the front so we couldn't see what she had made!  Maybe next time eh?

Below... meet Janine!
 Janine is not one of us 'Pub Crawlers', she was just at the Pub for lunch with a few friends and when she saw what we were up to she showed us the quilt she was making and trying to find more fabric for...  We welcome anyone who will show us there Patchwork!

 Beautiful beautiful stitching of Lynne's, she does make wonderful pictures and she also crochet's wonderful shapes.

Another 4 blocks of Lissa's Cotton Reel Quilt, she's running out of fabric though... what should she do I wonder  :-)

 Michelle's lovely soft Shawl and below more socks for the family.

 I was knitting ANZAC Poppies for some friends.

 Oh dear oh deary me... Rita discovered some errors in her long time hexagon quilt of Monet's Garden, so Rita was reverse sewing today... I can't wait to see this one finished, it's pretty amazing now!
 Rita's Blue and White quilt for a friend.

 Sarah was working on a big Hexi quilt that we've seen some progress on over the years... all together now and isn't it fantastic!

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