06 March 2016

Lots of different sorts of handwork happening yesterday and I notice I only took photos of half of what was going on... slack eh!

Becky is playing with this wool... see how the pair of socks she's already made don't match, even though they were from the same ball of wool... well Becky bought another similar ball and is making another pair of socks and see how the first one she's knitting up is very similar to the first one she knitted in the pair?  Some people are just too clever!

Wait till you see this absolutely beautiful rug, so bright and happy... Wow, Wow, Wow  Emma.

Love, love and just loving what Glynis is up to with her Hexies!  Can't wait to see more.

Fun Redwork being made by Jackie!

Lots of cutting fabric scraps and samples by Jean above and Rita below.

Jill was binding this Hexagon quilt... I didn't get to see the whole quilt, Dang!

Lizzie is making a book cover and stitching random patterns and stitches.

Looking good Lynne, looking very good.

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