08 March 2015

Saturday at the Pub is always fun, always loud and always wonderfully inspiring with lots of beautiful people, lots of handwork to do and lots of chat!

(You will have to excuse the photos this month, I dropped my camera in the pool and it was un-fixable... so I'm using my iPad)

First up for this month are photos of our 2014 Blue Gum Challenge
 - Churn Dash -
 which was chosen by Brenda.

Here's Brenda's work... looking really lovely and very interesting.

Christine's was fabulous and so different and fun... I love it!  I really love it!

And now we have Glynis... who's challenge is stunning and I'm loving what she's thinking of doing with her blocks below as well.

The thing I love about our Challenges at the Pub is that not only are they not compulsory but you can bring along one of your wonderful old quilts that you made years ago... just like Irene did with this pretty little quilt above.

... and just as Annie did below.  Annie had to get this beaut quilt off her son's bed  :-) 

Now Lissa was very clever, she used some orphan Dresden Plate blocks and placed her little Churn Dash blocks around them... I'm very impressed Lissa :-)

Maggie finished her block yesterday... she was hard at it doing all that hand sewing but was a little disappointed that a couple of corners didn't quite match up... don't worry Maggie, check out my mess below  :-)

I was trying to be a clever clogs (what a weird saying that is!)  Brenda gave me 3 1/2 inch templates to make my challenge, but I, thinking I'm a cleverer than the average bear... decided to make even smaller blocks by marking the fabric inside the templates so making 1 1/2 inch blocks!  What a mess!
'Clever Clogs'


clever clogs (plural not attested)
  1. (slang) Somebody who is rather too clever; a smart aleck.

Lissa set the 2015 Blue Gum Challenge... 
 'Four Patch' 
to be revealed on the first Saturday of March 2016.

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