08 March 2015

SCQuilters, SCQuilters and yet more SCQuilters... but I did manage to miss a few unfortunately.

Annie and Becky, love your blouses...

Okay so Christine did come all the way from Bathurst (197 Km's) this weekend and she was going home on the train after the Pub so maybe this is why she was playing up on me while I was trying to take her photo... Brenda behaved beautifully though didn't she :-)
Christine.... LOL!
That's better... much more beautifuler!

Heather and Jackie... lovely to see you again Jackie, it's been a while.

Heather, once again and Robyn... loving your blouses as well.

I don't know who took this photo below, I know I don't use my iPad for taking photos very often but??? 
Luckily I got a better photo above... or is it better???   Lissa and Maggie.

Liz and Lynne...  Liz was looking very glamorous yesterday :-)

Pennie (me) with our expectant Mother...  only two months to go and Claire is looking so well and fit and healthy.  Yay!

I get around don't I... this time with Lisa.

Penny and Erica... these blouses I really like as well  :-)

Now these two gave me some trouble... come on guys I'm using my iPad, it's not as easy to use as my poor little drowned camera was...
That's a bit better... but the question is... is Glynis ever going to look at me??
The answer to that question... was NO!  :-)

Finally the very beautiful...  Irene and Stephanie!

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