07 April 2015

So who braved the rainy, rainy, rainy day and joined us at the Pub!

My new camera has the Soft Focus setting that everyone prefers  :-)

Jill and Lisa.

 Brenda and Heather.

 Penny and Liz with a photo bomber... who is that???
 Photo Bomber still hovering over Penny and Liz!
 There she goes... that photo bomber on the left :-)

 Jean worried that she may look 'hairless' if her photo is taken against a light background but I try it with a Selfie anyway...

She's correct! 

This photo below is better... isn't it Jean  :-)
 Or is it  LOL!!

 Becky and Marilyn.

 Gillian and Jenn.

 Jackie and Glynis.

Lynne and Irene.

 Hey... I think I've managed to catch that 'Photo Bomber' friend of Penny and Liz's... unless she has swapped blue stripped tops!  Annie is not too sure of Erica the (PB).

 Cath with the 'Stash De-Stasher' Selina!

Oh no... Hellllpppp...  someone stole my camera and took a photo of me without using 'Soft Focus'!! 

I know I missed a couple of you today... sorry.

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