08 March 2015

Handwork, lots and lots of wonderful handwork.

Annie is knitting a shawl with this beautiful wool.

Becky is knitting and knitting little wash cloths to sell at her Church Stall, they are perfect for the kitchen and getting into those difficult places, hope they sell well Becky.

Claire is making some more magical blocks... she got two done today.

I'm loving what Erica is making here, the fabrics are great as well... stay tuned for further developments. (not a good photo is it, sorry.)

Glynis is onto something rather special here... she was actually reverse sewing but I can't tell where or why really I think it's stunning!

Irene is quilting these beautiful little Gumnut Babies for some lucky child.

Wonderful Double Wedding Ring made and being hand quilted by Jackie.

Jenn will be teaching a class soon, on how to make this amazing quilt.

Wow... beautiful stitching by Lisa.

... check out just how much stitchery Liz has done since last month... Wow!  Looking great Liz.

And I'm loving Lynne's work, what fun it looks.

I'm still quilting, quilting and quilting away on this genuine 1930 hexagon quilt... I've been at it for more than 10 years now... I just get so bored with it but I think I received enough encouragement yesterday...  to get really going on it again!!!!  I hope so I'd love to see it finished.

Beautiful block by Penny... now maybe this could be my next project... when I finish quilting my hexagon maybe  :-)

Rita is making bunting and adding lots and lots of wonderful little nic's and nac's below... I meant to get another photo of what she had done before she left the pub... bring it along next month please Rita.

Isn't this beautiful, it feels lovely as well!  Ruth is using two different balls of wool and alternating them when she's happy with the way the colours are going.

Selina was binding, binding, binding... she bought everything she needed except needle and thread... not a problem at our Pub on the first Saturday of each month though, there were plenty of friends to share theirs  :-)

I'm loving the layout of these Hexies!  Looking great Stephanie.

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