06 December 2014

Show and Tell.

 This top was donated to Kerry's St Vincents Hospital Charity, it was bought by Heather because (in her own words) she just had to have it, Heather will finish it off and I hope we see the finished product next month.  All the money goes to St Vincents Hospital.

Heather is making gifts our of these Calendar Panels bought from Spoonflower, this is the third year she's made these gifts.

 Rita's sister bought this for her... very true!

 Rita's Mario Bros quilt is coming along a treat, she still has 3 more blocks to make.

 Beautiful enormous quilt for Glynis' niece, lucky niece eh!  The back below, beautiful quilting.

 Eleanor's quilt for his sister with the label below.

 Oh dear... I think I've forgotten who this quilt was made by... help please.  There is no clue with the holder upper.

 Bag Lady #1 Selina with two very natty bags...
 ... and two zip up pouches.

 Bag Lady #2 is Maureen with two very funky bags...
 ... and one very clever scarf.

 Gillian's been very busy with not only one beautifully knitted rug...
 ... not only two beautifully knitted rugs...
... but three beautifully knitted rugs.

 Kerry's quilt for Charity and below lots of donated soft toys for the Mary Stringer Trust at St Vincents Public Hospital, heart lung clinic.  There is a shop run by the Social Worker where Kerry will sell these and other items to raise money for purchasing brand new items for the wards such as Microwaves and refrigerators.

 Blocks Marilyn put together for Kerry's Charity and below a 'leader and ender' quilt for herself.

Here are a couple of photo I've stolen from Marilyn's Facebook of the person who purchased this quilt who was so happy she wore it back to her desk!  :-)  Wonderful.  Kerry's stall made $400 profit for St Vincent's Hospital.

 Kelly, from the USA, is visiting her Aunt Gillian who taught her to knit this big beanie.

Kelly bought this lovely dress for about $19 from an Op Shop!  I wonder if they have my size, I like both the dress and the price.

 Stephanie's crochet rug for her daughter.

 Annie's Crochet rug and below a close up for Michelle.

 Annie's Baby Mat.

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