07 December 2014

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to Work we go, Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Hi Ho!

 Bernadette is knitting a partner for this lovely sock.

 Michelle's knitting pattern is on her phone!  very useful.

 Erica's project looks very interesting.

 Selina bought a great big travel bag full of scraps to cut up.

 Stephanie's fascinating block.

 Annie's finishing off this rug...
 ... just starting this one...
 ... but check out her wash cloths and kitchen cloths!  Fantastic.

 Marilyn's Hexagon's look interesting.

 A new square for Heather, a boy and girl at the beach.

 Maureen was too busy chatting elsewhere when I went around with my camera.

 Gillian's Hexi's and below another knitting project underway.

 Kelly well underway on her second project while visiting Australia.

 Sharon is going to make circles out of these four patches to applique onto these cream squares.

 Jill's Hexie's

 Penny's new blocks look very interesting and in her favourite colours.

 Lissa forgot her glue pen   :-(

 Emma's hexie's.

 Cath's new project.

 Eleanor starting something new, covering coathangers.

 Irene is onto a new block.

 Lynne working away on her beautiful project.

 Liz is going places with this work of art as well.

And Jean is starting with the beards of these three men.

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