07 December 2014

The 2014 SCQuilters Christmas Party was held at the Blue Gum this weekend. SCQuilters came from Victoria, from the North of Sydney, the South of Sydney, the West of Sydney, the Inner City of Sydney and locally to sit and sew and chat and lunch... and hope against hope that they don't take home 'The Golden Galleon' in the Recycled Gift event of the year... on the other hand several SCQuilters are hoping they get the Pencil sharpening Cat! So who was able to come to our SCQuilters Christmas Party.

 Bernadette from down Victoria way and Eleanor from out Bathurst way.

Michelle from down South and Lissa from up North.
Now let me tell you of my problems of getting a photo of our Michelle!   This one is just scary...
 This one is even scarier...
 ... so I suppose this is the least scariest of the lot, but that's not saying much!  What a patient friend is that Lissapoo!

 Much nicer... Erica and Kate.

 Emma and Cath.

 Irene and Lynne.

 Pennie and Jean.

 Penny and Gillian.

 Gillian's niece Kelly has come all the way from the USA to join us... here she is with Heather.

 Jenn and Selina... now had these two heard about that naughty Michelle... makes one wonder doesn't it.

 Stephanie and Kerry.

 Marilyn and Annie.

 Liz and Jill.

 Glynis and Rita.

Sharon and Maureen.

And David came too. 

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